Posted by: Teng | November 17, 2008

Peacock Jaycees stages PaSaCalle again!

By Celeste Anna R. Formoso

THE JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock, Inc., or Peacock Jaycees, is set to realize its 8th Parti Sa Calle (PaSaCalle) end of this month for about a hundred indigent children it intends to support in December, during Christmas Day.

Incoming Peacock president Susanne Lacson, also a lawyer by profession, is chairing the project, which is expected to have the Mutya ng Pilipinas candidates as featured guests.

“This year, we are lucky that we will have the Mutya candidates as guests so we can raise funds for the indigent children we sponsor every year during the month of December,” she said.

The local organization membership (LOM) has been implementing the PaSaCalle for eight years now, starting as a street party held at Jose Rizal Avenue. The project raises funds to organize its annual project Share-A-Home-Adopt-A-Child-and-Family in support to the worldwide campaign to promote the Rights of the Child.

“Our children are the most important resources any country can have, it is only fitting that we support them through whatever ways we can,” Lacson said.

The patrons of PaSaCalle include San Miguel Beer, Shell Philippines Exploration B.V., Centro de Benito y Aliva, Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation and Coral Bay Nickel Corporation, and Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.

Last year’s profit from the PaSaCalle provided support to nearly a hundred children and family beneficiaries from indigent barangays north of the city.


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